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Storytime & Panel Discussions

Any time so many gifted people come together, you know they will have some great stories to share.   Come learn something new about the history of the dance, the lives of the instructors and what the scene was like "back in the day".

story time,
photo: ©Rich Hansen Photography, used by permission

This year's topics are:
# Tappers We Miss  Moderated and video clips by Joel Schwarz (Sat, 10:00a)
# Lindy Hoppers We Miss  Moderated and video clips by Joel Schwarz (Sat, 4:00p)
# A Conversation with Norma Miller  Moderated by KUOW 94.9 FM's Guy Nelson.  Includes book/video signing (Sun, 1:30p)
# Our Favorite Frankie Stories  Moderated by KING TV's Joyce Taylor (Sun, 7:00p)
The list is subject to change.

In 2006, Frankie and Skip each recorded interviews with Amanda Wilde of KUOW 94.9 FM as part of its "Radio Intersection" program. Each program is half an hour. You can hear streaming audio of them here:
Frankie Manning interview
Skip Cunningham interview

Amanda's 2008 interviews with Jeni LeGon and Norma Miller are here:
Jeni LeGon interview
Norma Miller interview

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