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Chester Whitmore,
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2009 Downloadable Schedule in PDF format

Here is the list of workshops for 2009. It is still subject to change, so if something isn't listed that you are hoping to see, please email us.  Workshops are $20 each.

For the Novice Lindy Hopper with Chester & Barbara
Great for beginners!  Never Lindy Hopped before? This is the class for you!  This is the dance that brought us swing dancing as we know it.  Created in the late '20s and early '30s, it was developed and popularized by some of the Masters who will be with us this weekend.

Vernacular Jazz Steps with Chester
Great for beginners!  A jazz movement class that everyone can enjoy. No dance experience is required, but if you are a dancer, these moves will help bring more excitement and musicality to your dancing.

Beginning Tap with Chazz
Great for beginners!  If you've never tapped before, this is a rare opportunity to start with one of the best.

First Stops with Sugar & Barbara
Non-partnered footwork routines made up of variations of the Charleston.

Second Stops with Sugar & Barbara
Non-partnered footwork routines made up of variations of the Charleston.

The Young & the Restless:  Today's Lindy Hoppers w/Catrine on Saturday, Catrine & Chazz on Sunday
An Intermediate/Advanced level Lindy Hop class. We'll have two different sections of this class.  You do not need to take the first part to take the second.

Musicality with Dawn
Great for beginners!  A popular class around the world, Dawn will help you meld your dancing to whatever music you are swinging to.

The BS Chorus with Skip
A traditional vaudeville routine performed by a chorus which combined tap and non-tap and was generally used as a background for tap soloists. The dance earned its name from the relative simplicity of the steps, although naive chorines were told the letters B.S. stood for Boy Scout. Created for a very specific purpose -- to facilitate the use of local talent when vaudeville headliners wanted to add dancers to their acts -- the B.S. Chorus was learned by dancers all over the United States in the 1920s and 1930s. It was kept fairly simple so that chorines could at least fake it, even if they were not terribly accomplished as tap dancers. (from The Tap Dance Dictionary, by Mark Knowles)

The Original Big Apple w/Peter Loggins & Mia Goldsmith
Great for beginners!  The Big Apple is a called circle dance of traditional jazz steps done to Swing music.  It became very popular in the 1930s, sweeping dance halls across the United States. 

Intermediate Lindy Hop w/Lennart
Lindy Hop, with a Swedish flair!

Masters Invitationals with Lennart and Norma
These masters level classes are invitation only.  Anyone who was in the class last year should consider themselves invited back this year.  If you feel your invitation has been lost, please contact

Frankie's Faves w/Chazz, Calle, Jodi & Christine
A-one, a-two, you know what to do!  In this class we teach nothing but the best!  These are the classic moves that Frankie taught in his workshops.

Shim Sham w/Mark Kihara
Great for beginners!  What started as a tap routine performed at the end of shows is now a Lindy Hop tradition.  Learn the steps in this easy and fun dance, and join in as we dance the Shim Sham during our dances.

Incorporating Vernacular into your Lindy Hop w/Chester
Arthur Duncan
Shiny Stockings Routine
This year we are creating a routine to Frankie's favorite song, Shiny Stockings. Over five classes, different instructors will contribute a section of the choreography. On Sunday night you'll have the opporunity to perform the entire routine during the dance!
Part 1: Lennart
Part 2: Chester
Part 3: Skip
Part 4: Chazz
Part 5: Lennart

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