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The Masters of Lindy Hop & Tap!
Gone Fishin':  Masters of Lindy Hop & Tap is on hiatus.
After four years, Masters of Lindy Hop & Tap is taking a break.  Thank you to everyone who shared these incredible experiences with us!  We're leaving the website up as a celebration of the Masters.

We plan to host more events with the Masters in the future.  What form will these take?   Stay tuned...

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Whether you've been dancing for years or never stepped on a dance floor in your life, we have something for everyone.  Many of the workshops are ideal for beginners.  We are again gathering the pioneers of Lindy Hop and Tap to celebrate their contributions, listen to their stories, and learn from their experience.   This is a unique opportunity for Seattle's dancers (and non-dancers!) to meet and dance with the legendary figures who crafted these dances.   We'll unite the new generation of dancers and the founders to enjoy, learn from and inspire each other.  

With the passing of Frankie Manning at age 94 on April 27, 2009, the dance community lost a true pioneer.  We also lost a friend, teacher, mentor and inspiration.  The best way to honor his legacy is to continue to introduce new people to the history of Lindy Hop, and to get them on the floor dancing - and smiling!  A-one, a-two, you know what to do!

Here is a five minute video of highlights from the 2006 Masters of Lindy Hop & Tap:

The Seattle Channel posted a feature on us:
Seattle Channel Video can be played in Flash Player 9 and up

The Masters in 2009 were:

Barbara Billups
Skip Cunningham
Dawn Hampton
Jeni LeGon
Catrine Ljunggren
Norma Miller
Sugar Sullivan
Lennart Westerlund
Chester Whitmore
Chazz Young

the masters
photo: ©Rich Hansen Photography, used by permission

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